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More Website Visitors Doesn't Equal More Conversions

We have been there. Checking vanity metrics and wondering why the sales are not coming in. As we solidified our process to attracting the right people for ourselves and out clients, we saw an average of 40% increase in conversions. 

We took is one step further and hosted a live 21 Day Challenge to help solopreneurs do the same and the feedback was giving....... Yasssssss girl!! 

So we are trying something new, we recorded the challenge, packaged it up in a couse, started a facebook group and boom.... here it is. 

No more guessing, posting and praying. We took the mystery out of data and showing you how to use it to make sense. 

Does This Sound Like You?

You have a website, but you don't know if it is working. You have some data tools, but you don't know how to use them. Nobody visits your website. You feel like you have exhausted all options to make your website work for you and SEO is too confusing so you don't even bother?

We've heard it all before because most designers don't teach you about looking at your data. The focus more on the user interface (UI) than the customer experience (UX). 

After this workshop you will have....

  • Solid web strategy foundation.
    You’ll have the insight of how to boost your website visibility and keep your visitors engaged.
  • Confidence to talk about your website.
    Self-doubt will evaporate as you continue to become familiar with how to be more visible. This spark we’ve ignited inside you will grow stronger and push the limits of your capabilities.
  • Clear understanding of your user
    Your expanded knowledge on how to acquire user behavior will help you reach your audience more consistently.
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What you will learn

In this self-guided 3 week workshop, I’ll present you with a chance to finally get your website seen and in from of the right people.. Through a series of videos, educational materials, and feedback, I’ll guide you through understanding how to bring your website out of the shadows. In addition to video instruction, 6 month access to our Facebook group, and monthly group office hours.

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More Than A Brand:Getting the Right People to Your site$75

Learn how to set-up my #1 tool to increase your website visibility 

Key tips to leveraging social media to get the right people to visit your website

Your Network is you networth, how to use your network to improve your site visits

Some SEO tips to help you start climbing google pages so the right people see you

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